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Sat April 1 Outdoor Benching sponsored by Carlisle Cultural Council

Alison Saylor

Feb 5, 2023

Workshops on outdoor benching, composting and spring clean-up of Center Park

Join Barry Ohs and Alison Saylor as they talk about the outdoor bench newly placed at Center Park. Plans are underway for new benches, so watch how we discuss in this workshop:

  • How to choose appropriate wood

  • Ergonomic angles and heights for comfortable seating

  • Site considerations affecting size, shape and design

  • Weatherproofing the bench for years of service

We will have suitable wood on hand to demonstrate the design and construction process.

This is also the community winter clean-up morning at Center Park where the park is tidied up from winter debris. Learn what to do with sticks, leaves and stalks from frosted perennials.

Children are welcome to pick up sticks and make twiggy items from the natural materials already at the park and brought by volunteers for this purpose. Feel free to bring pine cones, acorns, bark found on the ground and other natural treasures to make fairy gardens and other whimsical outdoor art projects to decorate Center Park.

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