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A picnic table at Center Park?

What if we could add an ADA compliant drop dead gorgeous picnic table with seating to the lawn area at Center Park? We know people enjoy the little bistro table set, but what about a sturdy, attractive large wooden picnic table? Could we have a live edge table top to make it attractive as well as functional? Might it have seating that is attached, so no unscrupulous visitors could not steal them or move them to untidy places? Will it need to sit on a platform that the mowing crew can easily mow around? Will the Historical Commission approve our design? Do we even have a design?

Winwood Sawmill in Winchendon, MA has a unique collection of local wood that is already cut into slabs or ready to be cut. The design challenge is to find a way to make a sturdy table that will be appropriate for the formal lawn area of Center Park, yet be compatible with the unique live edge benches that now populate the Woodland Gardens. If one side is left without a seat, this allows someone in a wheel chair to use the table too. If you have an opinion or suggestion for how to make this project a reality, please contact us at

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