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ADA compliant custom Red Cedar picnic table proposal

Updated: Jan 24

With our ten-fold increase in events at Center Park, we are actively pursuing any suggestions to improve the visitor experience. A request for a picnic table for Center Park posed a major challenge, as the ubiquitous splay-legged pine picnic table does not meet our need for artistic form and function. We feel we have found a good solution!

Table tops and benches to be Red Cedar slabs, epoxied and UV protective polyurethane to keep the "new" red cedar grain look for many years.

One slab per bench and three slabs, similar to the image here, for the picnic table top.

To visualize this we set up card tables in the shape and location of the proposed picnic table.

This 3D printed scaled model, courtesy of Peter Carmichael, includes the ground level "deck" and mowing strip for the picnic table.

The log legs for both benches and table to be Black Locust. The decking is also Black Locust. The mowing strip to be stained brown concrete. This decking requires Historical Commission approval. Table height is 30" and bench height is 18",

The gap in the middle of the picnic table is to allow wheelchair access and makes it easier to sit down on a bench. This center tabletop area provides a perfect surface for event food, props and equipment. The curve of the table provides stability to the furnishings. It also mirrors the contours of the lawn and garden bed nearby. It is roughly the equivalent of 2.5 picnic tables.

One or perhaps two similar benches of Red Cedar slabs with Black Locust legs will be made first to perfect the lag bolt joinery and finishing techniques. These will be set in the Woodland Garden near the high-back benches.

Outdoor seating benefits people of all ages. It encourages relaxation and socializing. COVID-19 has taught us the importance of safe outdoor gathering spaces.

What do you think of this proposed picnic table for Center Park?

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