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Brainstorming picnic table designs

This Red Cedar-topped custom curved picnic table with benches seems to be our best option so far. This is a 3D printer model of an 3ft wide picnic table in a curve to match the lawn and surrounding bed shape. Using card tables and sticks to represent the picnic table sited in the lawn area near the upright white birch Woodland Garden entrance, we perfected the curved shape.

The idea came from an amazing tree inspired picnic table shown here

Here is the cardboard table top model with notes about materials.

This early concept model just was too big for Center Park. It also did not fit the gentle curves of the lawn and surrounding garden beds. This does, however, show how the three parallel slabs of Red Cedar will be for the table tops and the bolts holding the ends to the legs below might become part of the custom design look. The idea of having taller tables for counter height or shorter ones for children was abandoned too.

Thank you Peter Carmichael for making the model with your new 3D printer. Your picnic table model will be used by carpenter Barry Ohs to determine the best means of connecting the slabs to the legs, choosing the leg dimensions, and working out the connecting mechanism... bolts? to allow for on-site assembly in manageble parts. The scale model will also be useful to help people visualize what the picnic table will look like.

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