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March starts with snow at Center Park and a Sugar Maple tree tapping demo!

By the end of the month we should have several areas blooming with early crocus and other spring ephemerals. A visit to Center Park today requires snow boots! Cold nights and 40+ degree days gets the sap running, as we learned from Scott Richardson in yesterday's wonderful Tree Tapping demo. We briefly tapped a large Sugar Maple in the far back corner behind the Adams + Beasley property, and were happy to see and hear the drip, drip, drip of the tree sap into the metal bucket. Some could taste a very faint sweet flavor of the watery sap. Everyone could taste the delicious and nuanced flavor of the homemade maple syrup and maple "candy" made by the Richardsons from their own and neighbor's trees. We do hope Ellen Huber's pictures of this event make the next publication of the Carlisle Mosquito!

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