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More spring flowering bulbs for Center Park?

Center Park already has a wide variety of tall and short spring ephemeral flowering bulbs. Short ones have the advantage of having unobtrusive foliage that for the summer, fall and winter just remains dormant under the soil. There is room for plenty more!

While the back edges of Center Park are extremely shady in the summer and fall, they are quite sunny during winter and spring. This gives bulbs that flower March to May ideal conditions to flourish as seen by these pictures...

Additionally to in the Woodland Garden area, these shorter bulbs are ideal for growing in the No Mow May section of the lawn. The upcoming Nov 4th community park clean-up morning is a perfect time to plant more bulbs. Friends of Center Park will seek funding from grants to plant more bulbs such as shown above. Additionally we hope to add more to the Living Fence area behind the Pollinator Garden and in the planting bed with the newly planted Persicaria are now thriving. This is where we had a mysterious crop failure of Red Devon Narcissus (Daffodils) purchased from a "Box Store". Instead we plan to use the reliable Van Engelen Inc. a wholesale bulb broker in Connecticut.

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