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New storage shed proposed for Center Park

Updated: Jan 3

Hauling tools and watering cans to the weekly free garden classes is a burden to the volunteer teachers. A truck is needed for all the equipment, it adds heavy lifting to the beginning and end of the class. There is always the risk of misplacing personal tools and sometimes they forget a useful spade or other needed item. Combine this problem with the unattractive "messy" corner with an upturned wheel barrow, random pots and a messy compost pile, and the need for a practical solution has become dire. We believe a reasonable answer is to get an 8' x 10' Jamaica Cottage cedar shingles, metal roof, saltbox shape sited in the back corner next to the compost pile.

This shed to be used for tool and event sign storage. It will also hide the ugly "solarizing" bags and compost pile. A Certificate of Appropriateness is needed from the Historical Commission, Select Board approval and then we need to find the funds to build (from a kit) and finish the shed to the HC specs.

No need for electricity. Just a basic storage shed to store rakes, shovels and our wheelbarrow. Brown and green to blend with the surroundings. Our Carlisle Center Business District zoning allows the shed to be tucked into the back corner, making it very useful for upgrading our currently unattractive compost and stick pile "logistics" location.

We are optimistic to have this shed installed by Old Home Day.

What do you think of this storage shed proposal?

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