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"Rampaging Harlots" aka Persicaria 'Painted Palette' newly planted!

Maryfran Johnson generously shared her bounty of Persicaria promising us that if they seed all over, which is what they are want to do, they are easy to just pluck out of the soil. We needed something attractive to replace our crop failure of Coleus. In past years the coleus have thrived. This year, for no logical reason, they have languished. Make that disappeared. Perhaps it was rabbits. Maybe the rain brought a bumper crop of slugs? Jane, Heidi, Maryfran and I have high hopes that with weeds eliminated as competition, a top dressing of composty mulch, and a vigorous "rampaging harlot" as a replacement plant we will have better luck for this area. Look for these in the side border near the lawn on the Police Station side of Center Park.

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