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Sourcing Live Edge Wood Slabs for Outdoor benches 2023

We have plans to make two new outdoor Red Cedar benches at Center Park. These are a completely different design from the Black Walnut Live edge wood slab benches sited in 2022. We have passed the design phase and we have moved on to wood acquisition and construction. Here are pictures of Winwood Sawmill at 1 Old Gardner Rd, Winchendon, MA. We bought $120 worth of "Live edge Red Cedar Slabs". Live edge slab means the sides of the board are not cut, thus leaving undulating board edges that often have the bark still clinging. Helpful, professional, knowledgeable owner Andreus showed us the beautiful other live edge slabs already cut and tree trunks waiting to be sawn in his sawmill yard. Sadly we only had the funds for a modest amount of Red Cedar. We highly recommend Winwood Sawmill.

---<---- Here is a pic of the Red Cedar being transported in our Camper Van!

These three slabs vary in width from 6 - 12", are 1" thick and are two are 10' long and one 8' long. This wonderful wood triggered a design change for our two benches. The Red Cedar purchased last year from a sawmill in Vermont will become the two bench seats. This wood from Winwood Sawmill will become the arms and back for one or both benches. The two benches will not be ditto benches. Each will be unique!

We then drove to the next sawmill, Lashway Logging in Williamsburg, MA to purchase 10 10' pine 1 x 6" boards.

These are laying on top of the Red Cedar in the hallway of our camper van. Why not Home Depot, Lowes or Concord Lumber you ask? Well the $7.50 per board price was appealing and driving to a sawmill is a fun adventure. We will use these pine boards for the back of at least one bench. While not live edge slabs, they will be used in conjunction with the live edge slabs. Alison has ambitious plans to fire blacken some or all the boards to enhance their charm and ability to weather the elements. In Japan this is known as Shou Sugi Ban. Google it as I did and you find interesting sites like this one or

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