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Visit a Garden (VAG) event at Center Park

Columbines, Yellow Foxgloves, Catmint, Peonies were on display as we had guests visit Carlisle Center Park on Juneteenth.

This Lilium canadense was in perfect form. We will need to add a plant label, although being buried deep within the "Main Sunny Border" it is not likely to be visible to visitors during the growing season.

Guest grass specialist Dennis Magee has inspired us to procure a dozen or so new native grasses that we can showcase and label for our visitors. Here are two that might be worth showcasing. These were rescued from the Center Park gravel driveway.

If we can procure native grass seed from the list Dennis gave us today (June 19, 2023) we can grow them from seed and have them properly labelled at Center Park. Many are for shady woodlands, and so we hope they will add to our low groundcover areas between pathways.

We also hope to add a sculptural bee haven "tower" suggested by a Master Gardener attending today's event. This might be built near the pollinator garden to support mason bees and other pollinators that like the hollow sticks and various materials stacked high inside wire mesh (used to reinforce concrete).

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